The Struggle Continues

Back In Zanzibar, there was always time to enjoy each day we were living. We did not have an internet connection, nor any television, and definitely no magazine subscriptions, so what did we do with our spare time that we had each day. Well, me and my friends, we would often play some sports with eachother. Two of my favorites being Soccer, and Basketball. I loved these two sports because since I was usually a loner, I didn’t need other people around to play.

With soccer, all you need is a ball to play. I particularly like having a wall to kick out so I can feel like i am shooting for a goal and am able to practice my aiming kicks, and also to kick passes and have them return.

For basketball, all that is really necessary is the ball, and a hoop to shoot on. I would have many nights in the East Bay where I would just be shooting hoops until the grim hours of the night just thinking about what I need to do, contemplating my life, remembering killing Slice.

I also spent a lot of time missing my mom. I would spend hours just wondering what she was doing during the time I was thinking. I knew there was such a big time difference between us, and usually when it was dark outside here in the United States, that usually meant it was daytime back in Zanzibar. I would The seasons were also very different too. Zanzibar is closer to the equator than the United States, and it hot hot humid days there while days here were breezy chilly days with people wearing jackets nearly year round. Only about two months out of the year you would catch people not wearing jackets regularly on the streets.

You might ask, well how come your boss had so many pools to clean when it was cold outside. The people in the East Bay are some of the more wealthy people in the world. San Francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and where I worked, in Walnut Creek, it was not too far away. Many of the people we served were the upper class individuals who were not going to clean  themselves, but still needed it to look nice for guests that they associated themselves with.

Being around this upper class tier of people certainly gave me a positive source of inspiration. I was able to get an occasional glimpse on what kind of life this people led, and how did they get their to have their success.

Most of the people who were truly of the top tier of people had a focused life style. They did not spend time watching television for laughs, they weren’t constantly hanging with their friends, they were working. Some of them would have daytime jobs only to come home later in the night and work their second job, or some other business venture that they were starting on.

These people taught me valuable lessons. Yes, the grass is greener on the other side, but you gotta make the journey and walk there to get to it. There will be some bumps, there will definitely be some bruises on the way. But that’s the point of life, it’s a struggle. Don’t take the easy road to try to accomplish stuff. Success follows the people who take the road less traveled. I told myself I wanted to have success. If I was going to accomplish it, the time was not to get focused!

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