The Small Investments in Bitcoin

Bitcoin abridged as BTC, is a localized virtual currency, sort of having an access to and making available to the investors, who are coordinated by means of a website with folks/ trades that require having an access to money. It is intended to provide online customers the facility to handle dealings by means of a digital unit of exchange referred to as Bitcoin. This scheme was fashioned in the year 2009 by an unrevealed programmer. Ever since that time, Bitcoin has harvested massive consideration and hullabaloo as a substitute to Gold, Silver, US dollar, and Euros.


This digital currency with cryptographic clues is redistributed to a system of computers used by customers and prospectors across the globe; it is not restricted by a solitary business or administration. It is the foremost digital cryptocurrency that has acquired the consideration of community and is being acknowledged by an increasing number of traders. Similar to other currencies, customers can utilize the digital currency to purchase merchandise and favors online as well as in several mortar and concrete reservoirs that agree to it as a form of disbursement.

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My 2017 Resolution: More Basketball

As I’ve said many times before. I love basketball. Basketball was my first love ever. It truly was. Basketball has always been where my mind is most of the day. I remember being a young boy in school, and day dreaming about dunking on the court. You can say I had a bit of a problem…

basketball dunking

It goes without saying, basketball is the second most popular sport in the world- behind soccer of course. There’s just something special about dribbling, playing, and shooting the ball that makes me happy. I don’t know what it is, but it’s contagious. If you’ve ever played basketball before- you know what I’m talking about.

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What I learned from Tai, Think

What I learned from Tai Lopez was actually quite a bit. While I thought his program was actually a little over pricey for the information he provided, and I also found it he basically copied someone else’s words and incorporated them into his book, which I also read, I gained so much from the knowledge that he shared with me that it was well worth every penny that I spent on it.

Tai Lopez just clearly painted the portrait of what it takes to be successful in life. Tai got me reading, which was the most pivotal point in my life. I always knew the wealth of information that I would find in books, but I never took the task of reading seriously to the point that I would actually even pick up a book and start.

Once the reading began, my brain started picking up on new ways of thinking. I started to make connections in my head that I had never done before.

thinking man

I read this great book that got me to start be able to remember the day to day life that I was living. By being able to recall some of what happened each and everyday, I started to improve on completing the tasks that I had set forth for each day. I started to prepare tasks for the following day. Once I got so good and remembering what I needed to complete for the start of a day, the next day, and the following day, and remembering every part of my list through and through, things started picking up.
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Whip Into Shape

After deciding I needed a change of scenery, being too used to the poor life, I had to figure out what was necessary to make that happen.

I began to spend a large quantity of my money, honestly probably more than what was necessary on self help books. I wanted to see what the best people who may have been in my situation had to say about getting out, and I also needed some motivation. I was always somewhat of a low driven person. It took a lot to get me passionate about something to stay the least. But, thanks to the discovery of Youtube video, I was able to diagnose, and cure myself.

I discovered this self help guru named Tai Lopez. I thought he was an amazing individual. He told this story of being broke living on a couch in some other guy’s home and then working his way up the ranks through the power of reading. I took what this guy had to say for gospel because, I mean, he’s got Lamborghini’s in his garage. You always listen to a guy who drives Lamborghini’s because if you are not driving something, this guy definitely would have something to enlighten you with.

tai lopez gay boy

So I started to watch some of these Tai Lopez videos, and I have to say, I was certainly inspired by the guy. I mean he had some great stuff to say and it surely made me think that I should be following in this guy’s footsteps, and seeking out a mentor to help me gain knowledge, and move towards the path to financial success.

I spent about a year studying Tai Lopez’s video while I was also reading books. The guy says he reads a book a day. Now, I don’t know if I necessarily believe that, but it inspired me to make an attempt at it. In that year, each month, I read more books than I had in my entire life. I was reading about 20 books a month, and absorbing so much knowledge, I was practically unsure what to do with all of it.

From this point on, I started to apply myself.

The Struggle Continues

Back In Zanzibar, there was always time to enjoy each day we were living. We did not have an internet connection, nor any television, and definitely no magazine subscriptions, so what did we do with our spare time that we had each day. Well, me and my friends, we would often play some sports with eachother. Two of my favorites being Soccer, and Basketball. I loved these two sports because since I was usually a loner, I didn’t need other people around to play.

With soccer, all you need is a ball to play. I particularly like having a wall to kick out so I can feel like i am shooting for a goal and am able to practice my aiming kicks, and also to kick passes and have them return.

For basketball, all that is really necessary is the ball, and a hoop to shoot on. I would have many nights in the East Bay where I would just be shooting hoops until the grim hours of the night just thinking about what I need to do, contemplating my life, remembering killing Slice.

I also spent a lot of time missing my mom. I would spend hours just wondering what she was doing during the time I was thinking. I knew there was such a big time difference between us, and usually when it was dark outside here in the United States, that usually meant it was daytime back in Zanzibar. I would The seasons were also very different too. Zanzibar is closer to the equator than the United States, and it hot hot humid days there while days here were breezy chilly days with people wearing jackets nearly year round. Only about two months out of the year you would catch people not wearing jackets regularly on the streets.

You might ask, well how come your boss had so many pools to clean when it was cold outside. The people in the East Bay are some of the more wealthy people in the world. San Francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and where I worked, in Walnut Creek, it was not too far away. Many of the people we served were the upper class individuals who were not going to clean  themselves, but still needed it to look nice for guests that they associated themselves with.

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Our Journey to the East Bay

As Uncle and I were leaving San Francisco, we had a lot of time to talk over our short little bike journeys. We would regularly stop after just a couple miles of biking and stop to enjoy our newly seen environment. San Francisco is such a sight for someone who was born in a third world country, that, each time I turned a corner, something different would catch my eye and I would be overwhelmed with the beauty surrounding me. During the bike journeys and the stops, Uncle and I would have the deepest talks of my life up until that point. He said the whole trip, he bit his tongue, knowing I had an ambition to move toward and I didn’t want to be stuck in the country practically alone. Being an albino African, living in Africa was hard. It is like what many racial minorities feel hanging among a majority. It was very odd though knowing that  was of the same race as many of my peers, I was rejected purely because of my skin color, race had actually nothing to do with it. My uncle asked about how I coped with it, said I was very strong for being able to live through the ignoring, as well as the harassment without much of an ill will to any of my companions. I told him that life wasn’t that hard when I began looking at everything on a larger scale than the more personal feelings I had,  I continuously thought about everyone’s feelings, even the person ridiculing me, the onlookers, the bystanders, and myself.. When I was able to look at everyone’s perspective, things stopped bothering me as much. I began to be at peace with my own skin color, and things became more bearable throughout life.

albino black

Uncle and I knew that jobs were something of great importance if we wanted to succeed for the next few months in America. He began gathering the necessary papers for us to gain full green cards, (we kind of snuck in due to connections my family made). I started using the public library internet to gain knowledge of available jobs near the city. Our bike travels led us east of the San Francisco Bay Area, and we arrived in the East Bay. Our home spot was Walnut Creek, CA, where the people there were willing to treat the homeless with respect as long as they were not panhandling. People would often strike up conversations with us and offer to buy as a lunch or a breakfast here and there. This made us realize that there were certainly some kind Americans at the time.

Uncle knew I had a skill of catching animals and suggested I apply for a job working for an animal control specialist in town. Using the public library’s internet, we found a guy who was willing to offer a job initially, as he had just started a business and was looking for some workers. I will never forget the feeling when i was on There was something about the website, so inviting, that it gave me great confidence that there would be a bright future ahead of me. I called the number, and talked to the owner there about my ambitions, the reason I was looking for work, and my current down in the dumps life situation. I think Frank, the owner heard some desperation in my voice and sympathized with me, so he was able to offer me a position as receptionist. I was thrilled! Once I started the work, I didn’t know that a job could really be so easy. All I did was answer phone calls, take the person’s information down about a pest extermination that they would need on their property, and pass that information along to Frank where he could schedule an appointment.

My wage at the time was slightly above the minimum, and with the living situation of my uncle and I (non-existent, we were still sleeping in the streets, showering at hotels) I was still able to send some money to Zanzibar for my mother. I had to be honest, life was really feeling great, and I could finally, for even just a moment, see the bright path that life held for me.

My Next Life Step

After taking out Slice, the Zanzibar Leopard, it felt like the whole world was watching what I accomplished. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As I was perched up in the tree, I looked over at Slice, dead on the ground below. I thought to myself that someone would be running up to see what the commotion was about, and it was at that point, I realized there was no commotion. Nobody knew what had just happened, nobody knew the feat that I just overcame. But, the glory that I felt in myself was enough for me to be proud of protecting my people, and that was all I needed.

As I climbed down the tree, I didn’t even need to look at Slice to know what his fate was. I had no feelings about the situation, I just felt I was doing my duty, and I began walking back to my camp with a strong sense of pride, where I crawled into my sleeping bag in a tent, and drifted off to happy slumber.

The following morning, as we prepared for the leopard hunt that day, I walked alone into the forest to see what had become of Slice. To my surprise, I saw a path of blood that appeared to be from dragging the body away. My only suspicion was that another predator took Slice to his camp with him or her, and feast on him by themselves. It was at that moment, I knew, nobody would ever find out what had come of Slice. Nobody would know who the Slayer of Slice the Leopard was. And a sense of calmness overcame me. I decided in that moment, I wouldn’t ever tell a soul. (Hey, being on the internet, I’m practically anonymous now, don’t judge)

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Back to the Beginning

I was born in Zanzibar, an island of Tanzania that broke off from Africa thousands of years ago. A young black albino child, I was a rare breed for the country. Growing up just after the witch hunts didn’t make my life easy growing up. I always had trouble fitting in with other groups because people would think I was born of a witch, contagious with some sort of disease, or just plainly an outcast that nobody wanted to be around.

The beginning of my life was lonely, but I made up for it by playing tons of sports, practicing my craft, and gaining respect on the court and the field from my peers. I was an up and coming arrow marksman with a bow, and I was a particularly good basketball player.

Throughout the growth of our town, we had a problem with predators on the regular. Being practically, or probably a third world country, we had very little weapons to fend off predators that we deemed as threats.

Specifically, we had a rare predator, something no other civilization in the world had. There were these specialized leopards that only existed on our island. They were Zanzibar leopards. They probably branched off from the evolution of African Leopards thousands of years ago when the island of Zanzibar began to move away from the African continent. These leopards gave no cares about us and would occasionally attack and kill a human. Some of the folk around the island believed that there were people training these leopards, possibly witches, or farmers, to go and attack our civilization as punishment for whatever they feel like we may have needed to be punished for.


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