My Next Life Step

After taking out Slice, the Zanzibar Leopard, it felt like the whole world was watching what I accomplished. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As I was perched up in the tree, I looked over at Slice, dead on the ground below. I thought to myself that someone would be running up to see what the commotion was about, and it was at that point, I realized there was no commotion. Nobody knew what had just happened, nobody knew the feat that I just overcame. But, the glory that I felt in myself was enough for me to be proud of protecting my people, and that was all I needed.

As I climbed down the tree, I didn’t even need to look at Slice to know what his fate was. I had no feelings about the situation, I just felt I was doing my duty, and I began walking back to my camp with a strong sense of pride, where I crawled into my sleeping bag in a tent, and drifted off to happy slumber.

The following morning, as we prepared for the leopard hunt that day, I walked alone into the forest to see what had become of Slice. To my surprise, I saw a path of blood that appeared to be from dragging the body away. My only suspicion was that another predator took Slice to his camp with him or her, and feast on him by themselves. It was at that moment, I knew, nobody would ever find out what had come of Slice. Nobody would know who the Slayer of Slice the Leopard was. And a sense of calmness overcame me. I decided in that moment, I wouldn’t ever tell a soul. (Hey, being on the internet, I’m practically anonymous now, don’t judge)

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