What I learned from Tai, Think

What I learned from Tai Lopez was actually quite a bit. While I thought his program was actually a little over pricey for the information he provided, and I also found it he basically copied someone else’s words and incorporated them into his book, which I also read, I gained so much from the knowledge that he shared with me that it was well worth every penny that I spent on it.

Tai Lopez just clearly painted the portrait of what it takes to be successful in life. Tai got me reading, which was the most pivotal point in my life. I always knew the wealth of information that I would find in books, but I never took the task of reading seriously to the point that I would actually even pick up a book and start.

Once the reading began, my brain started picking up on new ways of thinking. I started to make connections in my head that I had never done before.

thinking man

I read this great book that got me to start be able to remember the day to day life that I was living. By being able to recall some of what happened each and everyday, I started to improve on completing the tasks that I had set forth for each day. I started to prepare tasks for the following day. Once I got so good and remembering what I needed to complete for the start of a day, the next day, and the following day, and remembering every part of my list through and through, things started picking up.

I never realized how much of a difference knowing the tasks that you have to complete everyday ready available in your brain made such a big difference on what I was able to accomplish every day in my life. I figured it could work well by keeping a piece of paper, or notebook on hand at all times, and I truly tried the technique. But it absolutely pales in comparison to having the words written on my inner eyelids. Every time that I closed my eyes, I was able to recall everything on the list.

What was on my list you might ask? Well, first off in the process, my list consisted of books I needed to read. I wanted to accumulate as much knowledge as I could stuff into my brain so I could get the cognitive results that I wanted. I wanted to be smarter than the average person. Looking at everyone around me, I saw how people were mindless going through their everyday lives doing whatever they were doing. When they were working, they were focused on what was happening in front of them and are unable to juggle thoughts. When they are driving, they have to be cautious and keep an eye on the traffic situation ahead to keep from endangering their lives or anyone else’s. When they were walking, they were listening to music and obstructing their own thought process with uncommon sounds and words that they were force to think about. When they were at home, they were watching TV, or cooking, and worrying about that. Or maybe, even if they were out being social, they are wrapped up in a conversation with somebody else. There are very few relaxing activities you can do that can allow you some thinking time. Swimming, meditating, cleaning, yoga, exercise to name a few. And I participated in these activities to keep me sharp. Sometimes, you just need to let the brain cruise along on its own. Be isolated and let it make it’s own connections. See where your brain paths lead you. You might be amazed at what you start to think about.

When I became somewhat isolated, my mind definitely wandered. As a laborer, I never really had to focus on what I was doing on my job. I was free to think about whatever I wanted to, and however I wanted too.free ways

My free thinking ways started to devise plans on how I could attain a way to free my mother. This is what led me to deeper areas around the internet.

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