Whip Into Shape

After deciding I needed a change of scenery, being too used to the poor life, I had to figure out what was necessary to make that happen.

I began to spend a large quantity of my money, honestly probably more than what was necessary on self help books. I wanted to see what the best people who may have been in my situation had to say about getting out, and I also needed some motivation. I was always somewhat of a low driven person. It took a lot to get me passionate about something to stay the least. But, thanks to the discovery of Youtube video, I was able to diagnose, and cure myself.

I discovered this self help guru named Tai Lopez. I thought he was an amazing individual. He told this story of being broke living on a couch in some other guy’s home and then working his way up the ranks through the power of reading. I took what this guy had to say for gospel because, I mean, he’s got Lamborghini’s in his garage. You always listen to a guy who drives Lamborghini’s because if you are not driving something, this guy definitely would have something to enlighten you with.

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So I started to watch some of these Tai Lopez videos, and I have to say, I was certainly inspired by the guy. I mean he had some great stuff to say and it surely made me think that I should be following in this guy’s footsteps, and seeking out a mentor to help me gain knowledge, and move towards the path to financial success.

I spent about a year studying Tai Lopez’s video while I was also reading books. The guy says he reads a book a day. Now, I don’t know if I necessarily believe that, but it inspired me to make an attempt at it. In that year, each month, I read more books than I had in my entire life. I was reading about 20 books a month, and absorbing so much knowledge, I was practically unsure what to do with all of it.

From this point on, I started to apply myself.

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